A deal is only a deal if it’s for something you actually want. In other words, low price remains unimpressive when their is a doubt over quality. Keep that in mind when viewing this next contest and the results will make a lot more sense:

The main search term is “Diamond Engagement Rings” and so the headline for both ads prominently displays that term for maximum match-up. And that’s when the two ads diverge.

  • The losing ad assumed “diamond engagement rings” was enough and then jumped right into the savings claim: “30% Cheaper than Retail.” Only afterwords was their really any mention of quality, but on a fast scan, afterwards is really too late.
  • The winning ad follows up “diamond engagement ring” with an immediate assurance of quality — not just any diamond engagement rings, but rings you’d be proud to give to you fiancee — “Gia Certified Diamond Engagement Rings” and only then does the price advantage get made.

It’s not the biggest difference in the world, just swapping around the order of information, but it’s enough to earn a 25% boost in Click-Through Rates, which is nothing to sneeze at.

So take a tip from the Boosters and test whether quality first and savings second doesn’t work better than the other way around.