When selling an emotional item, it helps to use emotional copy. The boosters have been using this little tip for a while now. But there’s a follow-up portion of it that can supercharge this technique, and that only the best PPC Ad writers know about:

When using emotional appeals, use emotional priming and tribal language to get maximum effect. And this win is a perfect example of this “emotional supercharging”:

Notice that both ads use an essentially emotional appeal: “support nuclear.” But notice also that the winning ad ads in a few emotionally associated words to up the power of that appeal:

  • Instead of “Show Support For Nuclear” the winning ad uses “Show Support For Nuclear Power” — because it’s the energy that’s the primary benefit, and energy is POWER, as in power not just as a synonym for energy, but as a primal sort of strength.
  • Instead of “Browse Huge Selection” the winning ad uses “Browse Massive Selection of T-Shirts.” This is not only clearer and more keyword dense, but the word “massive” is more closely associated with nuclear power — because it provides massive amounts of power — than “huge.”

So what did these fairly subtle word changes create in terms of a performance boost?

They more than doubled response — boosting CTR by 126%!

So when you plan an emotional appeal, make sure you use the right, emotionally resonant and tribal language.