Sometimes ad writers want to “build up” to key persuasive info in a PPC Ad.

They leave the info to the 2nd line of body copy or the end of a line of copy so as to put it closer to the Call-to-Action or to make it flow better gramatically — almost as if the ad were telling a joke and they were leaving the punchline to the end.

And this is almost always a mistake. Highly relevant & persuasive information always needs to be placed in as prominent and early a position as possible.

The only reason to delay it is if you are lucky enough to have even more relevant and persuasive information or claims to put in front of it. Other than that, always put the good stuff first.

If you doubt this, realize that your ad is just a small part of a search results page that is being rapidly skimmed and scanned. It is not and will not be read carefully unless that initial scan registers something worth reading.

This is why simply moving important info to a more prominent position can often be enough to more than double Click-Through Rates, as was the case with this recent contest:

The losing ad leaves 100% Free to act as a punchline. The winning ad proclaims FREE prominently as the very fist word in the headline.

And within the body copy, the winning ad puts the relevant benefit first and the product name second. The losing ad reverses this order, putting the product first and the benefit second.

These two changes resulted in a 141% boost in CTR. Admirably work from booster, brescia33.

Key Take-away: move the good stuff as high up and to the left of the ad as you possibly can. Frontline the punchline to improve your bottom line.