Take a look at these two ads and pick the winner:


boost click thru rate
This one should be easy and obvious, or at least it should be if you’ve been following this column for any length of time, because Ad B makes use of most of our best practices, while Ad A does not. In other words, Ad B was the clear winner, more than doubling Click-Through Rates. Here’s how it put those best practices to work on a line-by-line basis:


PPC Ad Headline


The headline for Ad B puts the keyword all the way to the left — it starts with the keyword, Duvet rather than with the brand name. As we’ve seen you want to put keywords and persuasive info as far up and to the left as you can get away with, for maximum impact on CTR.


1st Line of PPC Ad Body Copy


The first line of the winning ad separates the keyword from the actual shopping motivation and gives equal weight to both factors. Are shoppers looking for Duvets or Duvet Covers? Probably the latter. The losing ad just repeats the keyword. Another difference is the use of an unsubstantiated claim: “stylish.” Yes, Ad A also claims “Contemporary” but that’s not necessarily an unqualified benefit the way that “stylish” would be.


2nd Line of PPC Ad Body Copy


The losing ad chose to flog price with an unconvincing “starting at” claim, whereas the winning ad chose to reinforce the “stylish” claim with “Many Colors and Styles.” Internal consistency within the copy is another best practice that helps to boost CTR.


So there you have it, three best practices packed into one ad for a 106% boost in CTR. And that’s why this contest is our Win of the Week.