Last week I wrote about not forgetting the basics. I wanted you to make sure to use the keyword phrase for the ad in more than just the headline, and in a way that addressed the key buying motivation of the searcher. Well, this week presented yet one more test result that showed the wisdom of that advice:


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First, notice that the winning ad used the full term “Tahitian Pearls” in the first line of body copy in addition to the headline. The losing ad, in contrast, stopped talking about tahitian pearls and started talking about “top grade pearls,” as if the tahitian part was an afterthought, instead of a crucial component of the buyer’s search.


Next, notice that the losing ad shotguns all sorts of info buts out at the searcher, while the winning ad prioritizes and sequences them: first reassure the searcher that the Tahitian Pearls are in their “Natural Colors.” In other words, they haven’t been dyed. Second, claim discount pricing, and third mention free shipping.


This makes sense because Tahitian Pearls are black or very, very dark, inky blue or green. So someone searching for Tahitian Pearls isn’t interested in regular pearls, just Tahitian, and if they want the real thing, they DON’T want any kind of dye applied to make regular pearls black. So everything about the winning ad’s headline, first line of copy, and half of the second line, and even the displayed URL is aimed at reassuring prospects that this company has exactly what they’re looking for.


And it’s this successful transfer of confidence that allowed the winning ad to boost Click Through Rates over the older info-stuffed ad.


So take a tip from the boosters and aim your PPC copy at transferring confidence, from client to prospect.