Last week we featured a Winning Ad that provided a 126% boost to CTR for Tienda, an online store for authentic Spanish products.  You can see that winning ad (along with the old champion) here:


PPC Ad Comparison


And while Ryan Healy did a brilliant job analyzing the virtues of the winning ad, we wanted to also get a peek inside the ad writers actual thoughts as he was crafting that winning ad:


  • What strategies did he try to use?
  • What process did he follow in writing the ad?
  • and Are there any general tips our readers could put to use for their own ads…



So here’s what our Booster, screen name of WordIsBorn, had to say:


Tip #1: Make sure the language speaks to the audience



The old ad struck me as a too-strict transliteration from a Spanish Ad; the wordy seemed a bit clunky, where the “Bath products from Spain” reflects the way Spanish places the adjective after the noun as opposed to the more American or English, “Spanish Bath Products” which would not only be closer to the actual keywords but to how most searchers or prospective customers might think about the advertised products. So I changed the headline to reflect that.


Tip #2: Always apply CONTEXT when implementing “Best Practices”



Normally, including strong brand names in a PPC Ad can be a great tip or a good thing to test. But that’s only when the brands themselves are well known to the audience and carry the right associations.



But when I looked at the landing page and saw that the old ad’s listing of Nuneco, Maja, Heno, Puig, and Magno were not categories of bath products, but brands, it just seemed to me like very, very few searchers would recognize those brands at all. Like Tiendo was going way too niche with how they wrote their ad – again, as if they’d just translated a successful Spanish ad into English without giving much thought to the cultural differences.



So even though I thought about keeping one of the brands (Nuneco), I eventually decided to go much broader with the appeal of the ad and just listed out general types of bath products (in English) rather than trying to use brand names that I believed most of the audience wouldn’t recognize anyway. And it worked.



[Editor’s Note: We strongly suspect that many of the items bought on Tiendo are gifts, and that while the brands may mean something to the recipients, they are not instantly recognizable for the gift givers / buyers. And this gets into the heart of effective PPC Ad Writing – getting inside the minds of the searchers and writing specifically to them! A strategy that directly reflects on both of WordIsBorn’s two tips…]



And that’s all from Boost Media writer WordIsBorn. Congrats on the super-sized win, WordIsBorn, and thanks for the ad tips. If you’re reading this and have something to ad to the tips, let us know. And if you’ve applied similar ad strategies to good success, let us know that, too!


And, finally, if you’d like to see what those kinds of ad writing strategies might do for your PPC Ads, contact us here at Boost Media, we’ll be glad to show you exactly what our Boosters can do for you 😉