Part of PPC testing involves finding what works. And another part is taking what works and optimizing it to work even better.


You need both types of PPC testing, and contrary to popular belief, both types of tests are capable of delivering huge increased in ad effectiveness. Here’s a perfect example of an “amplify what works” test that delivered HUGE results:


That ad, penned by Booster, WordIsBorn, increased Click-Through Rates by a staggering 561%, simply by taking one or two key elements and amplifying them. The elements? Mostly the phrase “CFA Exam Prep” and its variants.


And how does the winning ad amplify that persuasive element? Two ways:


  1. Moving the phase from the end of the headline to the very beginning of it.
  2. Repeating the keywords as a reverse-order phrase in the first line of body copy

And that’s pretty much it! Just two relatively small ways to amp up proven persuasive elements. But those two small changes yielded a 561% increase in CTR.