OK, maybe it’s more of a concern than a question, but ads that answer the searchers concern almost always perform better than ads that don’t. Granted, you can’t answer every question, nor can you really “prove” your claims and answers, but the more your ad answers, or at least promises answers, the primary concern of the searcher, the better it will do.


Got it? Good. Now, with that in mind, pick the winner:


OK. Ad B was the winning ad, boosting Click-Through Rates over Ad A by 82% And, as you may have guessed, the reason it boosted CTR involves its ability to answer the frreakin’ concern, namely, are these arcade joysticks really like the ones I remember from my favorite arcade game? Do they duplicate the movement, control, and feel of the originals?


The losing ad says nothing about this. In fact, it heightens that concern with the phrase “arcade quality joysticks” instead of “arcade joysticks.” Arcade joysticks means you literally took them out of an arcade, or that they are the same ones that the original manufacturer used for the arcade console. Arcade quality sounds too much hlike marketing hype. Like it’s sorta-kinda trying to be as good, but probably isn’t.


The winning ad, on the other hand, directly addresses this concern with the phrase “100% Authentic Designs!” Boom! Concern addressed. No wonder it nearly doubled the click-through rate. And that’s what makes this ad our Win of the Week.