When making a larger purchase, some people want to do all the research and be their own experts, and some people want to find an expert they can trust and rely on the expert’s judgement.

The first set of people are classic comparison shoppers who are most concerned with getting the best deal. And as deal shoppers, getting their business today does not lead to having their business tomorrow. We call them transactional shopppers.

The second set of poeple are more concerned with wasting their time or making the wrong decision than they are with price. And earning their trust today does lead to having their business tomorrow. We call them relational shoppers.

As you might guess, relational shoppers are the more profitable customers to acquire. And yet, PPC Ads tend to ignore this dynamic, because they tend NOT to focus their efforts on people worried about making the wrong choice, chosing to go after deal and bang-for-buck feature shoppers instead.

Today’s Win of the Week is a nice example of this. Knowing that, see if you can spot the winning ad:

So… which line of copy do you think is most apt to engage relational shoppers:

  1. “Follower & Engagement Analytics” or
  2. “The Most Complete Analytics Tools You’ll Ever Need!”

If you guessed “B,” you got it right, with Ad B, expertly penned by Booster Writewords, more than doubling CTR with a 166% increase over Ad A.


The relational shopper may or may not know what kind of twitter analytics she’ll need, so the “Follower & Engagement” part might just confuse her, while the “Most Complete…You’ll Ever Need!” claim would sound very reassuring to her ears.

And even the comparison shoppers would be eager to see just how complete the analytics package really is. Either way, Ad B will win more clicks, but in the case of the relational shopper, the ad will also win a higher CR as well.

So what kind of shoppers are your ads written for? And what kind of customers are you getting as a result?