Bank presidents don’t speak like rappers, and rappers don’t speak like country music stars, who don’t speak like wise-guy gangsters — to the point that we’d suspect the authenticity of a rapper with a country twang.

In other words, speak like something you’re not, and whatever you say will be discredited as soon as it’s heard.

Well, it works the same way for PPC Ads too. So with that in mind, take a look at this contest and give it your best bet as to which ad won:

Just ask yourself, which ad sounds more authentically like an “Official Site”?

Are claims of “Lagest Selection” and “Lowest Prices” the kind of claims that an official site usually makes, or feels the need to make?

No. Of course not. If you’re the official site, it’s ASSUMED that you have the largest selection. I mean, who’s going to have a bigger selection than the manufacturer/brand headquarters? And official sites usually don’t try to undercut distributer pricing.

So even though Ad A makes more substantive claims, it’s Ad B that won this competition, boosting Click-Through Rates by an unbelievable 441%

Do your PPC Ads speak the way people expect? Or does their funny accent discredit your main selling message?