Ever heard of ATFQ before? The polite version is “Answer the Flipping Question!” And it’s often the key to writing better performing PPC Ads.




Because any search engine query is itself a question. And the only job of search results — including paid search results — is to provide answers. The more relevant the answers, the more clicked that particular result will become.


But here’s the kicker: while PPC Ads DO have to use the searcher’s keywords as part of their answer, the answers have to go beyond that.


PPC Ads have to answer the obvious question AND related questions and concerns as part of the context of the search. Today’s Win of the Week is a perfect example of that. So go ahead and see if you can’t figure out the winner:


With any luck, you guessed Ad B, which outperformed Ad A from 123%. Here’s why:


The First Line of Copy


Notice that Ad A talks about “Kermit the Frog” whereas Ad B just uses “Kermit,” which let’s it fit & more on the first line rather than running it over to the second line.


The Second Line of Copy


Here’s where Ad B ATFQ, when Ad A doesn’t. “For Kids, Teens & Adults” reassures the searcher than no matter who she is costume shopping for, she’ll find costumes she can use. Ad A doesn’t.




It also can’t hurt that the winning ad appends a “/muppets” to the end of the base URL whereas the losing ad doesn’t.