When it comes to semi-unknown services and products, PPC Ad writers frequently have to figure out how much info to provide in the ad itself.


Do they need to figure out a way to address the main concern or “answer the freakin’ question”?  Do they need to say or at least hint at HOW they provide a better outcome or produce the claimed benefit, or should they leave that to the landing page?


In some cases, the extra info is a credibility booster, but in other’s it’s simply “Too Much Information”.  After all, the job of the ad isn’t to close the sale — that’s the job of the Website — the job of the ad is simply to get people interested and motivated enough to make the click.


And that’s exactly the case with this ad for Spider Vein therapy:




First of all, you gotta love the headline of the New Chamption when compared to its competition.  “Bye Bye Spider Veins” starts out by putting a promising, seductive mental image in the mind of the viewer, while prominently displaying the keyword phrase.  Postivie usually trumps negative, when you can swing it.


But the real difference between the ads boils down to keeping the treatment a mystery vs. talking about “closing down veins by injection.”  The mystery makes you want to click through and find out, to the tune of a 114% increase in CTR.  The losing ad presents you with a fairly unpleasant image, which may send you off in search of a different treatment method.


But here’s the thing: whether the inclusion of some reasons-why or substantiation proves to answer the question that get’s the click, or whether it proves to be too much information is rarely predictable before hand.  You have to test.  And you have to test intelligently, and strategically.