What’s the difference between “Designer” furniture and “Luxury” furniture?

Well, it’d be easy enough for me to wax poetic about the perceived differences, but here’s the thing: whatever explanation I handed you would be peculiar and particular to me, and not necessarily applicable to prospective searchers, in general.

And that’s the big reason why word substitutions can be dangerous — YOU may think the substitute word is perectly synonymous with the search term, but the searcher may not. Want an example, take a look at this recent contest:

If someone is searching on “Luxury Furniture,” what they want to see in your headline is exactly that term. Sure, you might think “Designer Furniture” is just as good, but there’s no guarantee the searcher will. In other words beware of substitutions.

And on a similar “best practices” wavelength, move the CTR-boosting information up and to the left. So if the main selling point for your store is the discount, let’s move that up to the headline rather than leaving it in the first line of body copy.

Two good (and easy) tips from the boosters that added up to a 59% increase in Click-Through Rates for this contest, and that often add up to significantly more than that. Test them out yourself and see what you get!