It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly the middle of July already. With so many Summer activities going on, and with the recent U.S. holiday, it’s possible you might have missed a few of our more notable blog posts from the last month. This post brings you a highlight from each of our recurring categories and is sure to bring you some new PPC ad tips and search-related food for thought. Read on to see what we picked as our showcase posts for the past month.

Featured PPC Ad Text Win of the Week


This recurring theme features two competing PPC ads and discusses the differences between them and how these differences contribute to the winning ad’s success. What better post to feature than our June 16th PPC Ad Text Win of the Week that featured an ad with a more highly improved CTR than any other Win of the Week we’ve ever had (415%)!


What contributed to the winning ad’s success? Title text that addresses the searcher directly, consistency in the ad text to reflect the title, and an emphatic call to action. With so few characters to work with, we can see here that even subtle differences can make a big impact in a PPC ad’s CTR.

Featured Ads in the Wild


Ads in the Wild is another series we have on the blog that plucks ads from ‘the wild’ of the Internet, sometimes with a picture and other times without, and looks at what makes them effective, and what could make them even better.


Our featured “Ad in the Wild” comes from our June 28th post: Eyetracking and Heatplots and Ads, Oh My! In an interesting twist, the ad is actually referencing itself and its image in the text that reads “Cake vs. Worms Ad Winner…see the results now with cutting-edge technology! 3M Visual Attention Service – Free Trial.” It features a picture of a baby with a seemingly muddy face, playing with worms. The picture in conjunction with the text makes the reader curious and want to click through to see the eye-tracking test that compares a picture of this baby with, presumably, a picture of a baby eating cake. Takeaways from this included the importance of prominent colors, pictures with faces, and “alarm triggers”.

Featured Ad Text Pro Interview


Our final feature for this post includes a <”>PPC Q&A with Alan Mitchell as part of our recurring “Ad Text Optimization with the Pros” series. Alan is a successful PPC expert and owner of Calculate Marketing, so he was naturally a great candidate for the series.


What are some of his PPC secrets? The rule of “200 clicks”, a solid PPC ad group sorting strategy, creative search query analysis, and knowing when “less is more”. Read the full interview to find all of his PPC tips, and feel free to comment with your own!