This week, Bing Ads announced its deadline for ending their support of standard text ads (STA), in favor of the new expanded text ad (EXTA) format. Advertisers will have until July 31st, 2017 to continue creating and editing STAs before the platform deprecates support for this ad type.

After this deadline, any enabled STAs in an account will continue to serve in search results, however edits to existing ads will require to update the ad to the EXTA format.

As many advertisers and Boost customers saw after the Google AdWords deadline passed on January 31st earlier this year, expecting your expanded text ads to outperform STAs is not a guarantee. Beginning the testing and transition process as soon as possible is imperative to continued success!

The Bing team already provided a number of helpful recommendations when it comes to transitioning your account to EXTAs including:

  • Create EXTAs within existing campaigns and ad groups along current STAs
  • Take full advantage of the additional character limits
  • Experiment with messaging (try different length combinations)
  • Once you are confident in the Expanded Text Ads performance, customers can move to 100% adoption, and delete their STAs

The Boost platform is purpose-built to help advertisers with this exact problem. Testing Bing EXTAs is fully supported, so don’t delay getting started. For even more advice on best practices for transitioning to expanded text ads, be sure to check some of our resources from the Boost Knowledge Base:

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If you are interested in having Boost help you write expanded text ads, you can find more information here, contact us at, or request a demo here!