OK, before anything else, guess which PPC Ad boosted Click-Through Rates over the other:


OK. The winner was Ad B. Now let’s explore why…

Last week I wrote about testing to find out which PPC Ad offer elements generated the most response, since the elements that YOU think are most important aren’t necessarily the ones that your prospects will respond to most strongly.


This week I’m writing about what to do when you find response-boosting offer elements. Answer: test PPC Ad variants that move the response-boosting offer element higher up in the ad hierarchy. Here’s what I mean by that:


  • If the offer element was in the second line of body copy, try testing it in the first line
  • If it was in the first line, try testing it at the front of the first line rather than the end, OR
  • Try testing the offer element in the headline instead of the body copy.
  • And if the offer is in the headline, try testing it at the front or head of the headline.


In the case of this week’s WOTW contest, the element in question is the “30-80% off” claim, and the winning ad moved that offer element from the end of the first line of body copy into the headline.


And by bumping that offer element up to the headline, the winning ad boosted Click-Through Rates by 134%!


So if you want to boost it up, bump it up!