Words that capture the imagination are words that conjure pictures in the mind of the reader — images of desire.  Without that, you’ve got dry abstractions or vague ad-speak and, frankly, little chance of selling.


As Direct Response copywriting legend, Eugene Schwartz tells us: “Advertising is salesmanship in print. Therefore, above everything else, advertising is the literature of desire.”


This is well known in other forms of direct response ad writing, but tends to get overlooked by many PPC Ad writers.


In the rush to include keywords, UVPs, deal sweeteners, and guarantees, the idea for creating vividly appealing mental images often gets crowded out of mind and out of the ad as well.  And that’s too bad, because ads with strong imagery tend to boost Click-Through Rates.  Here’s an example:




The losing ad offers a provocative question, but the winning ad conjures an image that speaks to the deep felt need of the searcher.  Then the first line of copy backs up the claim and the final line of copy reinforces the seductive imagery created by the headline.


But remember, you have to create the right image — one that speaks to your audience’s real desires.




In this contest you see two ads that create entirely different images in the mind of the reader, each emphasizing dramatizing a different set of product benefits:


So it’s “become tough-guy bad ass” or “Burn fat and get fit.” And the best line in the winning ad? “This is NOT Tae Bo!” — because sometimes a negative image can be the most vivid of all.


Think about that: the winning ad went 180 degrees out from the current ad — even to the point of slamming the stated benefits of the old champion, in order to pursue a more powerful image.  And it worked, boosting CTR by 75%


And here are two more examples, just for good measure:


Note that “The Ultimate Lawsuit Deterrent” is far more emotionally galvanizing and imaginable than “legal asset protection,” which sounds like a phrase engineered to induce sleep.






And “Our Designers Compete to Design Your Top Logo” and “You Pick the Winner” both conjure incredibly pleasing, desirable images in the mind of the reader, while “View Our Portfolio & Learn About Our Unique Process” just sounds like work.


So there you have it: Make sure YOUR ads include vivid imagery for best results!