Last week I wrote about the importance of an ads ability to create clear, compelling mental image in the mind of the searcher — that this was often more important in boosting CTR than squeezing in added benefits, bonuses, guarantees, or even proof elements.


This week I want to see how well you absorbed that lesson with a few “pick the winner” quize questions.  Time to show me what you know:


Test #1:


Online Checking Ad A Online Checking Ad B


Test #2:


Microfiber Ad A Microfiber Ad B


Test #3:


Horror Movies Ad A Horror Movies Ad B


Alright, so the correct answers are 1B, 2A, and 3B, and in every case, the winning ad uses more visuable, easier to understand language that’s more closely targeted to the desires of the searcher — even when doing so means giving up a substantiating number.


This is especially the case in test #1, where “Get Money Back” is a lot more visceral than “With 2% Cash Back.”  Test #2 is similar in that “Finest Quality Upholstery Textiles” opts for clarity over quantity, probably as a guess that the searcher is more concerned about the quality of the fabrics than sheer availability of choices.  So the winning ad saves the numbers for where they really count: to tell the searcher how many free samples are available!


Test #3 is a little trickier, in that both ads are pretty clear, but the winning ad front-load the most important part: “Fan Rated.”  Clarity hits harder when you pack the messaging into fewer words.


This stuff works, folks.  Not all the time (that’s what testing is for), but often, and usually by impressive amounts; the CTR boost of the winning ads in these tests are 145% for Test 1, 124% for test 2, and 84% for Test 3.  In other words, they doubled click-through on average.


See why this one rates a follow-up article?  And it’s not something you’ll generally hear about from any other “how to write better PPC Ads” material.  It’s something that really only becomes clear after a lot of testing.


So how clear and compelling are your ads?  And how much testing are you doing to get there?