First, pick the winning ad from this contest:


PPC click thru

Now, the real winner is Ad B. Here’s why:


Although the keyword was “Cover Art” the winning ad went beyond merely regurgitating the keyword into the ad’s headline and body copy, it made it perfectly clear what “cover” they were talking about: Album Cover Art.


Also, the winning ad further enhanced the clarity of it’s copy by describing how the offered software would “FIX” the prospect’s itunes album art — it would download the album art.


Most importantly, the winning ad clearly and explicitly stated that it would work with iTunes. The other ad left this as implied or assumed, but those kinds of assumptions leave room for doubt. And doubt kills the sale, or in this case, kills the click-through.


So while keyword usage is important, it really has to be combined with clarity and confidence to boost CTR in the way that Ad B was able to more than double Click-Through Rates for the client. And that’s why this contest became our win of the week