A low price remains unimpressive when the quality is in doubt. “You get what you pay for” may not always be true, but it’s both generally true and widely believed. Offer to sell me carpet for cheap, and I’ll assume you’re selling cheap carpet — until you prove otherwise.


That’s been the case since the beginning of advertising (probably since the beginning of sales, if not time) and it’s still the case with PPC Ads. So any PPC ad leading off with price had better figure out how to “prove” quality for maximum performance.


BoostCTR’s writers know this simple rule, and you can see just how effective it is from this recent contest:

Although both ads have the same headline, notice the differences in body copy between the ads:

  • The winning ad emphasizes “Free Shipping – Free Samples” in the first line of copy
  • The losing ad emphasizes selection with “Hundreds of Styles,” and leaves “Free Samples” to the second line of copy
  • The winning ad’s second line of body copy directly claims “High Quality”
  • The losing ad’s second line of copy is unclear — does “Free Samples, Shipping & UPS” mean that both samples and shipping are free?

In other words, the winning ad tells the searcher that quality can be verified for free through free samples and free shipping, and than boldly makes the claim for high quality, while the losing ad fails to address the subject of quality at all.


And that “close the loophole” difference makes for a 106% boost in CTR performance — more than doubling click-through rate.


Want to compete on price with your PPC Ads?


Make your ads close the quality loophole and earn more clicks.