The world has an stereotype of a what a super sales person looks like, sounds like, and acts like. But oddly enough, no really successful salespeople actually look, talk, or act like that.


Not only the traits not a vaguely accurate generalization, but they’re actually negatively correlated with sales success. The more you look and sound like a sales person, the less people trust and buy from you!


The very same can be said of ads. The more an ad sounds like an ad, and the more that ad says the kind of stock phrases that ads typically say, the less effective they are.


Want proof? Look at the two ads below and pick out which one sounds most like a stereotypical dating and “adult industry” language:

Frankly, the hype-filled promise of “sexy” women (and men) needing a match-making site in order to find men interested in sexual escapades strikes most people as rather unbelievable. It’s the classic sort of less-than-credible ad language most of us automatically discount.


And that’s why Ad A lost to Ad B. In fact, Ad B increased CTR by 111%


This becomes a lot clearer when you look at the more direct and less hype-filled langauge of Ad B: “Find Real People For Real Sex. Search Select & Get Hooked Up!” This language sounds more human and real, so it comes off as more credible.


The takeaway here is to ensure your ads sound human, rather than ad-like, because ads that sound like ads sell less than ads that sound like real people.