Whenever a searcher — and the name should say it all! — is looking at your PPC Ad, that’s the question they’re asking of you and your ad: ‘Do you have what I’m looking for?’


If you keep that in mind, writing effective PPC Copy becomes easier.

And the many Best Practices start to make a lot more sense.


  • Yes, you want to have the keywords featured in the headline, because you want to make it clear, from the first scanning glance at your ad, that you have what the searcher is seeking.
  • Yes you want to look beyond keywords to buyer intent/searcher motivation in order to better convince the searcher that you have what they are *really* looking for.
  • Yes, you want to either repeat the keywords and/or reinforce the keywords with “go-together” elements to re-assure the searcher that the headline wasn’t a fluke.
  • Yes, using credibility cues like “official site” and copyright or trademark symbols helps because it helps, once again, to reassure the searcher that not only do you have what she’s looking for, but that you’re the best place to go to get the sought after items.
  • Yes, even unsubstantiated claims can work because there’s a big difference between having item X and having the *Kind* of item X that the searcher is looking for. So simply stating we have [modern/great/highest quality/etc] X helps to better answer that fundamental question.
  • And after you’ve answered the “do you have it” question, you then need to address whatever concerns the searcher might have around buying, and that’s where all the deal sweeteners and guarantees come in, such as free shipping, 100% money back, etc.

So with that in mind, tell, which of these two ads doubled CTR performance over the other one?


pay per click ad writing tips
If you chose Ad A, you’re right on the money. Why? Because while Ad B chose to reinsure the “we’ve got muppets costumes” with a listing of lots of muppets characters, as if to say, ‘We have ALL the characters you’re looking for,’ Ad A reinforced that point and then switched to the next one: ‘Do you have them in the SIZE I need?


That’s the brilliance of the line, “For Kids, Teens & Adults,” it helps to further address the central question: do you have what I’m looking for? And because it does that, boosted Click-Through Rates by a hearty 123% Which is why it represents the Win of the Week