PPC ads are more than just keywords and information. They’re also mini-sales pitches intent on selling the searcher on the company’s ability satisfy the sought-after goal.

That means that appeals to imagination and emotion are just as important as facts and figures and deal sweeteners. In other words, drawing a vivid and appealing picture is more important than packing in added facts.

So with that in mind, take a look at these two ads and guess which garnered more than double the response of the other:

OK, if you guessed Ad B, you got it right. Here’s why:

  • “See The Top Sights & Save 55%” creates an attractive image in the mind’s eye
  • “45+ San Diego Attractions 55% Off” is just raw information.
  • “Get An All-Inclusive GoSanDiegoCard!” is an easy to imagine action
  • The only part of “Buy Online, Save, & Skip the Lines!” that’s vivid or imaginable is the “Skip the Lines” part.

Both ads had the same info and keyword usage, but the winning ad was vividly imaginable. You could SEE what it was saying, and it was an agreeable image/offer. And that’ll win every time against raw data, which is why this contest is a Win of the Week.