As much of a no-brainer as this contest should be for you, there’s still a ton of stuff to learn from it, so even though it should be obvious, I’m still going to ask you to pick the winning ad:


Now, if you didn’t pick Ad B, you should probably give up on this whole ad writing business. So what makes Ad B that much more compelling?


First, it packs more salesmanship into the headline. From the keyword search, it’s pretty obvious that the searcher is looking to hire web developers. So while the “hire web developers is a good keyword match-up, the “affordable web developers” goes beyond keyword match-up to start addressing buying concerns right away.


Second, the winning ad takes the two-week guarantee from the very bottom of the copy and makes it the prime focus of the copy. This alone would have garnered it greater click-through, but that’s not the most important difference, nor the most obvious.


Last, and most important, the winning ad ditches the two week guarantee and makes it free. There is now no risk whatsoever because we’re not offering to refund your money if it doesn’t work, we’re offering to give you a two week demo so you can make your own conclusions before you even have to buy anything.


And that’s why I titled this column as I did — because the company was smart enough to ditch the halfway measure of a guarantee and move to a free trial. And the copywriter was smart enough to know to make that the centerpiece of the ad.


Obviously, the placement of top-ranked developers is a considered purchase involving scores if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. So what do you think a 58% increase in CTR means to this company? Think it was worth it to pay for the whole ticket all the way to Europe?


So do I. And that’s why this contest is the win of the week.