Expert Marketplace of professional copywriters writes high-quality ads fast and at scale for any advertiser with Boost Express Platform


San Francisco, CA – May 25, 2016 – Boost Media, the leading digital ad creative marketplace, today released its Express ad writing platform to help advertisers capitalize on Google’s latest and historic change to text ads: Expanded Text Ads. Boost Express is uniquely positioned to help advertisers by using an Expert Marketplace of more than 1,000 professional copywriters to write and rewrite the 9 billion desktop and mobile ads being impacted by Google’s Expanded Text Ads.


Google recently announced the launch of Expanded Text Ads, specifically geared towards a mobile-first world. The new format features an updated design that is optimized for displaying today’s search results page on all devices, especially mobile where more than half of all searches take place. Advertisers will benefit from 50 percent more space for ad copy, a second headline and extra characters to describe products and services to their audience.


“Boost is extremely well-suited to help advertisers with ad copy creation at scale for Google’s new format, which is revolutionizing search for the mobile experience,” said Boost Media Chief Executive Officer Tim Krozek. “Only humans can communicate the nuanced text of these ads to connect with an audience, and that’s exactly what our Expert Marketplace does” he said.


Boost Media’s Express Platform makes it possible for advertisers to write or rewrite ads in the new format with speed, quality and scale. Relying on the traditional methods such as Excel spreadsheets or ad templates to update ads won’t work due to the extra characters and headlines, and the massive scope of Google’s seminal change.


Boost leverages a global, on-demand Expert Marketplace of professional copywriters who write ad copy at scale across an advertiser’s search accounts. Advertisers benefit from optimized digital ad creative, as well as increased ad performance, revenue and conversions. Boost has over 200 customers, who are direct advertisers as well as global agencies, including iProspect, The Honest Company, Shutterfly, Liberty Mutual, RetailMeNot, Embee Mobile, Hertz, and Jockey.


“Boost offers the only platform that solves the problem of ad copy creation and testing at scale,” said Josh Franklin, Manager of Search Marketing at The Honest Company. “Our click-through rate and conversions have skyrocketed with improved ads. Through testing, we can find phrases that resonate across a category and apply insights to the whole company,” said Franklin.


In addition to the company’s text writing platform for search ads, the Boost Creative Platform offers a solution for marketers to source high-quality, original and resized ad creative for Facebook, mobile, Google Display Network, and Instagram. To learn more, visit


About Boost Media:

Boost Media is the leading digital ad creative marketplace for marketers managing search, social, video, or display advertising. Boost Media brings together an automated SaaS platform with the largest Expert Marketplace of professional copywriters and designers, to deliver high-quality ad creative and testing insights to marketers.

With over 1,000 experienced copywriters and designers in the Expert Marketplace, Boost Media can provide the scale and speed to meet the most fast-paced and complex digital campaigns. Based in San Francisco, Boost Media has delivered more than one million optimized digital ads to more than 200 leading global brands. To learn more about Boost Media, visit us at