David Greenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of BoostCTR was featured in this week’s DMNews Search Marketing Plug-In along with Michael Gullaksen, SVP and managing director, Covario and Dana Todd, SVP of marketing, Performics.


Here are David’s 4 tips to boosting your CTR:

Finding the right formula for a high CTR:
David Greenbaum,
Cofounder and CEO, BoostCTR

In the world of pay-per-click search ads, quality score is the Holy Grail — and for advertisers, the quest for the Holy Grail starts by maximizing click-through rate.


Earning a high CTR requires a combination of human artistry and technology. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but utilizing best practices can simplify the process.


1. Take your prospects seriously. As with any good advertising campaign, you must start with the personas of your prospects and remember that they have varying levels of intent. If you know your prospects well enough, they are much more likely to click on your ad.


2. Features tell, benefits sell. Always mix benefits and features in your ad copy, but know that some ads perform better when they are heavier on one or the other. Test different benefit/feature combinations and optimize until you hit the right blend.


3. Pick the low-hanging fruit. Make sure to include punctuation in your advertisements; use a full URL that includes “www” and a product name suffix; write strong headlines tied into the psychology of your prospects; include a call-to-action; and employ dynamic keyword insertion to automatically plug in the keywords a user enters, as needed.


4. Test, test and test some more. Assign the same ad group to multiple writers to significantly speed up the testing process. Each writer will define the appeal of your product or service in a different way, enabling you to test multiple versions at once and cherry-pick the ones with the most potential to increase CTR.


5. Make your landing page fulfill the ad’s promise. This step should be fairly obvious, but many advertisers still ignore this simple fact. A good splash page also benefits relevance: Google recently tweaked its AdWords algorithm to more heavily weight landing page quality.


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