The buzz around Google’s Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) is old news, but today Google officially launched the new longer ad format in AdWords — and advertisers are finally caring.


Or at least they should.


The longer format rolled out across all devices today alongside the existing standard ad format. As of October 26, 2016, however, advertisers will no longer be able to create or upload standard text ads.


Google has not yet released an official date when standard ads will no longer run with ETAs, but eventually standard ads will be phased out from the search results page entirely.


What does this mean for advertisers today?


It’s been nearly two months since Google first announced ETAs. By this point, advertisers should be well underway writing new, longer ads and running tests to see what’s working. If you haven’t already started preparing for this massive change, don’t waste any more time. A strategic plan rooted in data and results is essential to your success. Simply expanding all ads across every ad group won’t work.


So, where should you start? Rewrite your entire creative in the new longer format, and test in high-volume ad groups to see what’s resonating. Boost’s early ETA testing data shows that advertisers have seen the greatest performance increases with custom ETA copy versus standard text ads and templated ETAs.


Do you need help in your account? Boost is uniquely positioned to help advertisers by using an Expert Marketplace of more than 1,000 professional copywriters to write and rewrite billions of desktop and mobile ads being impacted by Google’s Expanded Text Ads. Contact us here to learn more.