Welcome to the Holiday Marketeer blog series in which Boost Media serves up hearty portions of 2015 holiday digital marketing strategy ideas. In this installment, we share Holiday SEM ad copy tests you can run each week in November to boost performance.

Search engine marketers frequently emphasize the importance of optimizing holiday budgets for shoppers’ research and buying phases, but they’re missing out on opportunities to maximize revenue. SEM marketers can also optimize holiday ad copy to facilitate customer’s holiday shopping from research-to-purchase.

The Boost Holiday Marketeer shares one SEM messaging test you can launch each week to better align your brand to consumer shopping behavior. Here are some tests to run in November:


Week of November 2nd: Prepare for Thanksgiving Day

Metric that matters. 52.1 percent of all online traffic came from mobile or tablet devices on Thanksgiving Day in 2014.

What it means for you. You have about three weeks to optimize your mobile holiday SEM ad copy before the Thanksgiving Day rush. Once the day of eating too much turkey and stuffing arrives, customers will be lounging with family and watching “the big game” as they search online for holiday shopping deals. Test mobile-preferred ads optimized for this context.


Week of November 9th: Prepare for increased search volume for “Gifts”

Metric that matters. December 8th marks the beginning of significant Google search spikes on trending gifts, including searches for “best gift,” “2014 gifts,” and “top gifts.”

What it means for you. You have one month to test and optimize holiday SEM gift ad copy so you’re ready to capture this demand with high revenue-per-impression-inducing creative. Test softer calls-to-action like “shop,” “compare,” or “build your shopping list,” along with the inclusion of phrases like “hottest gifts” and “most popular gifts” as customers research gift ideas.        

Week of November 16th: Optimize remarketing ads

Metric that matters. Twenty-two percent is the CPC savings you can expect between remarketing and search ads, according to PPC Hero.

What it means for you. With Black Friday around the corner, holiday CPCs are rising ever-higher. Now is your chance to save on media spend by optimizing remarketing ads. Test strong calls-to-action and pre-Black Friday early access codes to entice immediate purchases from those who have visited your site to research their Black Friday purchases.        

Week of November 23rd: Message for Black Friday

Metric that matters. Sixty-eight percent is the ROAS increase experienced by some SEM advertisers on Black Friday.

What it means for you. Black Friday is one of your greatest opportunities for generating massive revenue within a single day. Don’t haphazardly raise your bids or resort to profit-killing discounts. Through testing, identify messaging centered on price-comparison, price guarantees, free shipping, free returns, and other competitive offerings.        


Week of November 30th: Message for Cyber Monday

Metric that matters. Two Billion in sales were generated on Cyber Monday in 2014, making it the greatest U.S. online shopping day of all time.

What it means for you. Similar to Black Friday, discounts and price are a center-point of Cyber Monday shopping. Make your ads stand out in a sea of mark-downs by utilizing insights from Thanksgiving Day sales and Black Friday to propagate the best-performing language. The holidays signal heavy workloads for e-commerce professionals. If you find creative testing more than you can manage, reach out to Boost Media. Stay tuned for more holiday SEM ad copy test recommendations for the month of December, coming soon to a screen near you.



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