If you take a look at the following contest, you’ll probably realize that the losing ad actually offers more specific and believable claims while also providing a satisfaction guarantee (aka a risk reversal), while the losing ad doesn’t do any of these things.



So from a logical perspective, the losing ad SHOULD have won. And yet not only did it not win, but it got sledged down by the actual winning ad by a stomping 294% increase in Click-Through Rates.


And the answer to why lies in the ability of the winning ad to give the searcher the warm and fuzzies around doing business with them. In other words, the winning ad focuses on an emotional appeal. Here’s how:


  • The headline, “Need a Great Developer,” has more emotional punch than “Hire Better Developers.” Most people prefer “Great” to “Better.”
  • If “Top of the Line Developer Want to Join Your Team,” that pretty much means you’re awesome.
  • When you’re able to hire developers “From An Elite Talent Pool Of The Top 1%,” that means you’re about to hire a free-lance Developer from a job board. Not nearly as warm and fuzzy as having those Top Developers WANTING to join your team, right?
  • Finally, the losing ad’s “Pay Only if Satisfied” copy might logically offer a risk reversal, but emotionally, it raises the idea that you might NOT be satisfied and/or that there is an additional fee involved perhaps over and above the developers pay. Both are emotionally-negative warning flags.


So today’s Tip from the Boosters is to think past the logical aspect of your PPC Ad Copy and to look at the emotional message, too. Does your copy subtly flatter your prospects? Does it give them the warm and fuzzies? If not, try testing out some copy that does. You might be surprise at just how much of a boost it can give to your Click-Through Rates.