Copywriters are no strangers to the idea of urgency. We’re encouraged to build a sense of urgency into our sales letters, landing pages, and, yes, even our PPC Ads — if not in the copy itself at least in the final Call-to-Action.


Unfortunately, the way most PPC Ads attempt to generate “urgency” is to use a “Buy Today” or “Download Now” style imperative. And, frankly, most readers ain’t falling for it.


But what happens when your readers are ALREADY anxious for what you sell? What if there’s a certain amount of built in urgency around your product? For example, test preparation is usually done right before exam. So how can you take advantage of that to improve response?


Well, before we answer that, take a look at the following contest, and take a guess at the winner:


So which ad really won?


The same ad that more effectively echoed and responded to the searchers’ felt urgency! So which do you think works better:

  • “CFA 2012 Ready to Ship” / “products are now ready to ship!” OR
  • “2012 Mock Tests Online” / “CFA tests are Ready to Ship!”


Well, my money is on the “Mock Tests Online” ad. But, of course, that’s sort of cheating since I already know the answer: Ad B blew the other ad out of the water, with an ASTOUNDING 451% increase in CTR


Nothing conveys the sense of immediacy as something that’s “online” right now. So having “mock tests online” perfectly echoes and responds to that felt urgency felt by anyone in the beginnings of test preparation. Sure, there’s other stuff that you’ll have to have shipped to you, but they’ve got mock tests ready to go, online, right now.


Any wonder why that re-written ad absurdly out-produced the old champion?


It just blew that test out this world — no test prep needed : )