OK, before we discuss anything else take your pick for the winning ad.


2 kinds of PPC Ad Writing situations


OK. So before I reveal the winning ad, let’s talk about the two fundamental PPC Ad Writing Scenarios:

  1. Where you’ve got more “good stuff” to cram into the ad then you have space
  2. Where you’ve got more character-space than “good stuff”


And by “good stuff” I mean, “reason why” style claims and selling propositions and guarantees and deal sweeteners. The kind of stuff most copywriters naturally want to feature when I client or offering has it.


In fact, in the first situation, a copywriter’s usual tendency is to try to cram too much of that stuff into a single ad. And, at least to some degree, for good reason, as those elements have been proven to boost ad performance.


So knowing that, which ad do you think won?


Yup, Ad B, the ad with the added info-bits of “Huge Selection,” and “Many Custom Options,” along with a final guarantee stated as, “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” This ad improved CTR by 171%


Of course, it won, right? How could it not with all those added claims and guarantee. But there’s the rub — because when an ad like that wins, you’re left wondering exactly which element (or elements) actually contributed to the win, and which really aren’t that important to the prospective customer.


The Challenge of Constant, Ongoing Optimization

Taking it line by line:

    • Was it the word “Browse” rather than “Shop” in the title?
    • Was it the claim of “Huge Selection”?
    • Was it the offer of (and searcher interest in) customer orders?
    • Was it the expansion of Free Shipping to all orders instead of just for custom orders?
    • Was it the Satisfaction Guarantee.
    • Or was it some combination or all of the above?


Now some clients don’t care, adopting the attitude of “Who cares as long as it won and I’m not getting more clicks.” But if your goal is long rang optimization, this is the wrong attitude to take. Because the next step is to figure out which elements are most important, and then testing better ways of expressing and sequencing them.


That’s how you get win piled on top of win. That’s how you optimize when you are a professional.


Of course, you’ll still want to occasionally swing for the fences with another challenger ad that changes everything or takes a new approach. And that’s why it’s so important to have multiple writers and multiple perspectives in your writers.


That, in fact, is why BoostCTR believes in and harnesses the power of crowd-sourced PPC Ad writing — to get the best of both optimization approaches: incremental improvement and “Hail Marry” efforts.