I sometimes call it the clean bathroom approach to persuasion.


You know the saying, if a restaurant has dirty bathrooms, it probably has a filthy kitchen. Well, we apply that same thinking to most everything: we expect internal consistency. And PPC Ad copy is no exception.


But before we get into that further, take a look at this recent ad contest:


Sure, I could discuss the connotations of “Elegant” vs. “Designer” and also go into the tactic of delaying the “sign up” information until after the click vs. asking for the sign-up within the ad. And both of those discussions are worth having, both distinctions which probably contributed to the Winning Challenger outperforming the Target Ad.


But really, the internal consistency between Chaises in the headline and Chaises in the first line of copy vs. the inconsistency between Chaise in the headline but “Luxury Furniture” in the body copy is the main distinction. Plus, this is a principle that’s a lot more easily applied across your ads than “use better words, with better emotional associations” or “don’t ask for more commitment than you need.”


So let’s focus on this: make sure your ad makes full use of internal consistency. Let each part of the ad reinforce and substantiate the other parts.


Do that — take that tip from the Boosters — and your ad’s CTR can’t help but improve