OK, it’s Win of the Week time, so pick your winner:


WOTW 12-6-2013
And the real winning ad is…


Ad A


So let’s look at WHY Ad A won out over Ad B, boosting CTR by 148%:


  • First Unique is a much stronger claim than “Modern” or “Stylish.” Modern and Stylish are entirely subjective, but unique is a much more objective claim.
  • Second, you can say “Exclusively at” but it’s not nearly as believable as “Designed at.” The mug you think that is exclusive to you, might have a nearly identical twin available at 20 other stores. But if you designed a mug yourself, it’s much more likely that the mug is in fact exclusive to your store.
  • “Unique” is internal consistent with, and reinforced by, “stylishly designed at” — if you designed it, you probably made it unique. If it wasn’t unique, why would you bother making it yourself. So this internal consistency ads a lot of credibility to the winning ad.


And there you have it: the big factors for PPC Ad Copy effectiveness are relevancy and credibility. Internal consistency helps credibility. So where you can, make sure your copy is internally consistent and self-reinforcing.