I sometimes call it the clean bathroom approach to marketing. People think a restaurant that has clean bathrooms has a clean kitchen. Or that a guy with polished shoes pays attention to the small details in every area of his life.




Because we believe in internal consistency. And it’s a dynamic that can really impact the performance of PPC copy, too.


Whenever you have one part of your copy reinforcing and adding consistency to another part of your PPC Ad copy, you’re on the right track to boosting CTR. In fact, I’m betting you can pick out the winner of this contest, just by looking at which ad has more internal consistency than the other. See for yourself:


ppc copy tips
If you guessed Ad B, you’re right. But before we look at that ad’s internal consistency, let’s look at some of the other best practices that it also puts to good use:


  • First, the winning ad elevates important claims to headline status, moving the claim of “unique” from the first line of body copy up to the headline.
  • Second, the winning ad repeats the keyword phrase, “antique furniture” in the first line of copy, rather than waiting until the second line

But where the added punch really comes into play is in the resonance and reinforcement between “unique,” “exclusive” and “New Items Added Daily.” If you’re antiques are genuine antiques, then they likely will be unique — they’re not mass manufactured and it’s very hard to find other items like a genuine antique. And that means that your unique antiques will be “exclusive” to your shop. And that once one item is sold, it’s gone. So in turn, that means that your shop must be continuously adding “new items [on a] daily” basis.


Do you see how all three claims reinforce each other and serve to substantiate the central sales proposition?


It’s a powerful technique that led to a 44% boost in Click-Through Rates, making this contest the Win of the Week.