Infomercial emcees and hosts have a golden rule when it comes to demos:


Always make it look effortless.


In other words, always act out the demonstration to make using the product look effortless and fun. Call it the Tom Sawyer approach to fence painting, if you will, but you want to entice the prospect with the idea of effortless accomplishment.


The same thing works for PPC Ads, too, and this recent winning ad contest provides a perfect example:

If you look at the losing ad/Old Champion, you’ll notice that it promises to list out “Concrete Patio Pros” — presumably so that the searcher could then contact them and get a quote on their patio project.


So even though finding such pros by Zip Code helps simplify the quote process, the idea of contacting them and getting quotes still sounds like a lot of work. In oher words, the mental image you create in the mind of the prospect is the opposite of easy.


Compare that to the winning ad, where they promise the end benefit of “a Great Deal on Your Concrete Project,” by allowing you to “Compare Free Quotes Now.” In other words, the ad copy creates a mental image of the searcher being able to compare quotes automatically provided by the Website. Doesn’t that sound a whole lot easier?


And as usual, easier wins, in this case to the tune of a 118% increase in CTR.


So follow the infomercial pros and craft your PPC ad copy to make your advertised product or service seem as easy as possible. Create a mental image of easy accomplishment and you’ll easily boost your ad performance.