The “problem” with PPC Ads is that what you say matters. You can nail your keywords, ad groups, and bidding, but none of that will matter if your ad says the wrong thing to the prospective buyer when its finally presented before her.


She’ll actually, you know, READ the ad, and if doesn’t match her expectations and help her reach her goals — if the ad copy sucks – she’ll click on something else.


And this is a “problem” because when you’ve got hundreds of ad groups, that means you have to write a lot of ads, and you have to think about how the ad for this ad group should differ for the ad from that ad group, based on the search queries your answering (among other factors). But rather than meeting this challenge, most PPC Advertisers use the same ad for multiple ad groups and hope for the best — at the cost of lower CTR and Quality Scores and higher CPI and CPA.


Here’s a perfect example of this:


Portable moving and storage containers are mostly used for moving, as a great third alternative to either renting a truck and both packing and driving your stuff to the new location or paying someone to pack and move your stuff for you. Pods let you split the difference — you pack the pod, but they drive it.


Yet while that’s the main way in which they are used, it’s not the ONLY way. Nor is it really where pods offer the greatest advantage. Where they really shine is when you have to combine moving with storage. Let’s say you’ve accepted a new job that will not only require you to move, but to go through some kind of intermediary training for 6 months or so at a third location. You’re living in Boston, the job is in SoCal, and you’re training will take place in Connecticut and during the training you’ll be living in a furnished apartment. Or maybe you’re just taking 4 months off between jobs to surf in Costa Rica.


Traditionally, you’d need to move your stuff to SoCall, unpack it from the truck and into storage, then 6 months later, re-pack it into another track and move it to your house. This is expensive if you’re paying someone to move you, and a huge pain in the butt if you’re moving yourself. But with pods, you just pack the pod, have them store the pod, then deliver the pod to your new home when your ready for it — halving the number of times you need to unload and repack your stuff!


So the contest above is for people looking for exactly this kind of pod storage. But look at the losing AD — it’s written the same as if the searcher where looking for straight moving solutions rather than storage or moving/storage alternatives! No wonder the storage-specific ad increased CTR by 50%!


This seems obvious once you look at the ad group and the search queries and sit down to write the best ad you can. But it’s far from obvious when you’re looking at your hundreds PPC Campaigns and running the numbers and optimizing everything but the ad copy itself.


So at the end of the day, your PPC Campaigns will only perform as well as your ads perform. And your ads will only perform as well as your ad copy performs, leaving you with three choices (much like the moving example):


  1. Accept the lower performance and lost profit that comes with one-size-fits-all ads
  2. Expend your own resources to write and test better ad copy for all of your hundreds of campaigns and ad groups.
  3. Outsource your PPC Ad Content Optimization to experts who have the copywriting and testing expertise and bandwidth to write and optimize superior performing, customized ads for each ad group you have.


Choose wisely — because one size DOESN’T fit all!