With spring quickly turning into summer, wedding season is now in its prime time. If you’re finding that your calendar is filling up with a few too many hens or stags parties, rehearsals and ceremonies, this wedding supply e-tailer has you covered. Take a look at these two PPC ads for bridesmaid gifts. Which one do you reckon has the higher CTR?






If you chose the first ad, then you’re guaranteed to catch the bouquet. Written by Boost Media writer, “c720492,” it outperformed the original ad by 250%. Let’s find out why.


The Original Ad

The first noticeable aspect of this ad is that it reverses the logical order of the copy. It lists a call to action first, and then features second. Normally features are listed first and then followed by the call to action. This ad also fails to provide any clear benefits. Yes, they have a money back guarantee, but then again most businesses do. Listing how long they’ve been in business is probably not relevant to what the searcher is looking for. Lastly, the structure of the second line in the losing ad is a little bit confusing. Have they had a money back guarantee since 1992? Or are they still honoring refunds from 1992? Neither of which is what they intend to communicate.


The Boost Creative Network Ad

The winning ad, on the other hand, repeats the primary keyword in the first line of body copy: “bridesmaid gifts.” Furthermore, the first line adds descriptive copy that new brides will likely find appealing- “Classy” and “Unique.” Now here’s where it gets interesting; instead of using the second line of copy for a CTA, the winning ad jumps into the mind of the new bride with the claim, “Stuff they’ll actually like!” Every bride wants the perfect wedding, and the last thing a bride wants to do is give her bridesmaids something lame or destined to be tossed.

The new ad wins because of its descriptive copy, its punch, and its ability to speak directly to what new brides are thinking and wanting.



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