With Memorial Day just barely behind us, now is the time to say ‘hello’ to summer. If you live in San Francisco, this is not the case. Cue the ever appropriate Mark Twain quote – “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” If you’re planning to take a summer holiday to escape the Karl the Fog, or are lucky enough to live where there’s sun, the same thing rolls into many minds at this time of the year- bathing suit season. Eeek! That’s why this online fitness program and supplier is coming to the rescue with a simpler solution. Check out these two ads for a workout program designed to get results in just 10 minutes a day. If you were a busy, out-of-shape person looking for a way to get fit without a huge time commitment, which ad would you click on?



The winner here is PPC ad #2. Written by Boot Media writer, “jeffbaum71,” its CTR increased 60% from the original ad. Here’s why.

The Original Ad

The original ad ad tries to be a little too clever in the first line of copy. They use the space to say, “The Workout Program for Busy People” — a description that might be more appropriate as a branding slogan or tag line. By using slogan-like copy, the losing ad makes potential clickers think too hard. A potential customer might think, “Am I a busy person? Do I really want a workout program?”

This ad also uses the entire second line to list the price, which nearly always depresses CTR. The potential customer doesn’t really even know what you’re selling yet, so why bother listing a price at this point? (There are some exceptions where you may want to list the price, but in this case I think it’s a bad idea.)

The Boost Creative Network Ad

The winning ad uses the first line of copy (and part of the second) to get straight to the point: “Burn fat and tone your abs in just 10 minutes.” This not only ties in better with the ad title, but also provides three benefits in a very small space: 1) burn fat, 2) tone your abs, and 3) do both in 10 minutes. The potential customer thinks, “Yes, I want to burn fat! I want to tone my abs! And I’d love it if it only took 10 minutes!”

The winning ad also has a brief-yet-clear call to action in the second line: “Learn more…” But because the losing ad uses the entire second line to deal with price, there is no room for a call to action. This gives the winning ad yet another advantage. Essentially, the Boost ad triumphs because it uses clearer language, includes more benefits in less space, and caps it all off with a clear call to action. And this is why it wins — by 60%.

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