In looking back at all of the Tips from the Boosters Columns this year, I was searching for some patterns — what topics and tips seemed to repeat themselves the most. The short list looked something like this:


  1. Write from the Prospect’s Perspective
  2. Choose Your Words Based on Their Emotional Connotations
  3. Internal Consistency and Credibility Matter — A Lot!
  4. If you’re not testing, you’re losing


And of those four, the first was the winner by a landslide. So I thought I’d compile a “Best of” life os posts dealing exclusively with that topic, then sub-divide that list into various ways you can improve your ability to write from your prospect’s perspective, rather than your or your company’s perspective.


First, Kill the We-We Talk


What this means is that your copy should not focus on your brand, your slogans, or your chest-thumping. It should focus on the customer instead. Below we explore the various ways that PPC Advertisers mess this up and how you can fix it:


Second, Avoid The Curse of Knowledge


Keep in mind that you are an insider to your business, and likely know things and use terminology or jargon that the prospect doesn’t know or use. It’s hard to remember what it was like to not know what you know, which is why communication and persuasion experts often refer to “The Curse of Knowledge.” Here’s how to guard against that curse in your PPC Ads:



Third, Clue Into and Speak to Their Emotional State


Most purchases are not made in a state of perfect equanimity. Nor are they usually made proactively. Instead purchases are made reactively out of need. Understanding what prospects are reacting to and how their need is making them feel or driving their buying motivations will greatly improve your PPC copy. Here are some ways to do that:



Finally, Stay Positive and Emotionally Attractive


Positive emotion trumps negative emotion. If you’re making an emotional appeal — and you are! — then you should make that emotional appeal as positive and, well, appealing as possible. Lots of times, PPC Advertisers mess this up. Here’s how to get it right:



And that’s the best of this Year’s Tips from the Boosters. Hope you had a fabulous 2013 and that 2014 is even better. Happy New Year’s from Boost Media!