Here are a few PPC tips from “The Internet Sales System Architect,” Jason Leister. Enjoy!

Jason Leister1. Tell us a little bit about your experience writing PPC ads.

I’ve been working with PPC advertising for several years. I use it both for lead generation and direct product/service selling. In that time, I’ve generated a ton of leads.

I’ve used PPC to generate leads/sell low ticket products as well as high ticket services.

2. What’s one tip, trick, or technique you’ve found that seems to almost always help increase CTR?


Apart from all of the latest tricks that work today and not tomorrow, the real technique is to understand your buyer. To really get clear on exactly what’s going on in their heads and hearts when they sit down at
their computer.

And it pays to drill down and really focus each ad group.

3. What new approaches to ad writing have you tried that have worked well for you?

Forgetting the rules and simply trying to connect with the searcher. I finally realized that using all my “copywriting knowledge” was actually building walls around me getting to the real goal, which is results.

Assume nothing. Start each campaign with your searcher. Get in the frame of mind of the person you’re trying to attract. Everything flows from there. Be creative.

4. Where do you think PPC is headed over the next few years?

I have no idea. But I do know that the way people are wired will not change. So the marketers who are more concerned about PPC than they are about people will have a harder time. The marketers that focus on understanding people will simply have to keep up with how the tools (PPC) for communicating with those people are changing.

5. Where can our readers go to learn more about you?

Check out my website and blog at I work with clients to create internet selling systems that work.