At the end of the day, people want cures, not treatments. Fix my problem entirely, don’t just make it a little bit better. People don’t dream of halving their debt; they dream of winning the lottery.

As the quote goes, “Promise — large promise! — is the soul of advertising.” So wherever possible and ethical, make sure your PPC Copy promises cures rather than treatments. Make the promise as large as you reasonably and ethically can and your ad will win far more click-throughs.

This recent contest is an excellent example of this principle:

Notice how the winning ad promises to “Remove ALL MacOS Malware” — it’s the addition of “All” that enlarges the promise and turns the malware removal software from a treatment to a cure.

And this difference is further strengthened in the body copy, where the winning ad rerpeats the promise to “Clean ALL the Harmful Malware!” as opposed to the losing ad’s odd promise that the prospect will merely “Learn How to Remove Walware” — as if the buyer will be the one doing the work rather than the software!

Given these differences, would it surprise anyone to learn that the winning ad more than doubled Click-Through Rates?

So take a tip from the Boosters and make sure your ad copy is promising everything that your product or service is capable of delivering.