Some ads are harder to optimize than others. And some of the hardest involve car sales, because, really, what can you say that’s relevant and credibile?

Few will believe your prices are exclusively lower than others’, because, well, why should they?

Huge selection is believable for LOCAL dealers, but is normally not that compelling online, because isn’t selection one of the natural advantages of online shopping?

So what are you going to do?

Well, in answer to that, first try to guess which of these two ads was the winner in a recent optimization contest:

If you chose Ad A, you not only guessed right, but you’re on the right track about how to get un-stuck as well.

See, when you’re stuck, the best thing to do is borrow a strategy that’s worked for someone else in that same situation. And that “someone else” doesn’t have to be another PPC advertiser or ad writer.

In fact, the “someone else” in this gase was Progressive, with their famous offer to quote you a bunch of insurance rates, including the lowest rate, regardless of whether they were the provider or not.

Multiple quotes is a compelling offer. And so is the implied ability to find the lowest price.

So Professional BoostCTR ad writer, reggaeton, borrowed this successful strategy from Progressive Auto Insurance, and netted himself a near-doubling of Click-Through-Rates, with a 95% increase in CTR over the previous ad.

So if you’re stuck, do what the pros do and steel a strategy that’s already proven to work.