Best practices are always a good thing to think of and to consider testing, but sometimes they make more sense than others, and understanding when they make the most sense, and when they might not be appropriate is often the name of the game.


But before we get two deep into that, why not guess which of these ads outperformed the other?


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If you guessed Ad B, you guessed right. And if you guessed ad B because it includes the use of the “official site” and “guarantee” best practices, then you’re doubly right. Bust as we hinted at earlier, to get the most out of this, you have to understand why these best practices worked so will in this particular test — well enough, in fact, to boost CTR by 186%!


So why would “Official Site” make such a difference in this instance? Mostly because “official site” would make a big difference anytime there might be some concern about the authenticity of the merchandise, because buying from the official site gains the buyer a measure of assurance that they’ll be getting the real thing. So expensive hair care products and perfumes and brand-name items and that sort of thing all benefit from “official site” status.


Can you see, then, why software would also benefit from this? Getting it from the official site means you’re getting licensed, non-pirated, non-buggy software. Makes you wonder why the losing ad didn’t think to use that. I mean, sometimes ad writers don’t use “official site” because it takes up a bunch of characters and they might not have room, but the losing ad had plenty of room for that…


And then there’s the warranty bit. Warranty’s and guarantees are almost always a click-through rate booster, but in this case, they are especially appropriate, because they are offering you a gaming-specific hardware/software combo. So making sure you’ve got tech-support coverage for a lifetime of use is important — we all know how prone to problems computer and electronic equipment can be, right?


So, yes, the winning ad won because it employed best practices. But it won by as big a margin as it did — more than doubling response — because it used the RIGHT best practices in the RIGHT way, because the ad writer understood what he was doing. And that last part makes all the difference.