A steep discount is never compelling so long as the quality of the item is in question. Being sold cheap stuff for cheap is no bargain, after all.


So any PPC Ad advertising dramatically discounted prices (or mega-savings) had better address the quality issue, too.


On the other hand, there’s a reason store owners (online and off) are eager to flaunt low prices and discounts — shoppers respond to savings! And if a discounted price IS one of your main sales propositions and benefits, the more clearly and quickly you can communicate that, the better.


And the following contest lies squarely at the intersection of these two dynamics:


quality ppc ads
As you can see, both ads have the same headline. And then the winning ad focuses right in on the discounts, and only reassures the searcher about quality on the 2nd line of copy.


Whereas the losing ad starts it’s body copy with a quality claim, and only gets around to trumpeting the 80% off discounts until the end of the second line.


And the contest clearly shows which approach won: discount first, quality second. By all means, include both in your copy, but that’s the order that seems to test the best. And that’s a tip you can take from the boosters.