OK, take your pick — which of these two PPC Ads won:

It’s kind of touch because they’re almost the same ad, right? Swap out the verb and add (or subtract) one adjective on the first line, then swap “clocks” for “& more” (or vice versa) and add (or subtract) a two-word CTA on the second line. Those are the only differences.

And yet, those few changes make a huge difference in whether or not searchers click on the ad — one of these ads outperformed the other by 264%!

And the ad that won is the ad which better reflected how the searcher actually thought about her task. So ask yourself, was that searcher looking to SHOP dinosaur designs, or to FIND them. Would they be interested in just any old designs, or great ones? And would they find the idea of dinosaur clocks weird or just what they had in mind?

And with that hint, you probably figured out that Ad A won. It won because the ad copy more thoroughly matched the thoughts and tasks of the searcher. And that’s how seemingly slight tweaks to the language resulted in Win-of-The-Week-sized increases in Click-Through Rates.