We’ve gleaned the dozens of lists of new year’s resolutions for digital marketers. Out of the hundreds of tips and suggestions from the experts for increasing ROI, focusing on the consumer, and building smarter email campaigns, one piece of advice screamed louder than the rest: continue optimizing for mobile.


While 2014 may have been christened the year for mobile – as evident by an increasingly mobile-driven holiday season – this year the scales will continue to tip from desktop to mobile. Just over half (50.1%) of search spend will go toward mobile beginning in 2015, according to research firm eMarketer. Mobile spend is only predicted to increase, with 76.7% of US search spend going toward mobile by 2018.


Last year, less than a quarter (24.7%) of search dollars went to mobile.


As we saw during the holiday season, consumers are turning to their mobile device as their preferred platform for browsing and making purchases. With mobile now the first screen in many consumers’ lives, marketers should look closely at the marketing programs and ensure that a customer-centric mobile experience is in place. Make sure you are using the correct keywords in your campaigns and ensure that your mobile marketing materials are compatible with all mobile devices. For more tips about optimizing for mobile, click here.



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