Take a look at this PPC Ad Contest, and see if you can’t pick out some of the different word choices between the winning and losing ads:


So, here are the ones I picked out:


  • “Security System” vs. “Home Alarms”
  • “Only $99″ vs. “$99″
  • “Fully Installed vs. “Installed”
  • “Call [brand]” vs. “Call Now”


And of those, I think the first is probably the most important. Also, I believe that that difference is further amplified by the winning ad’s opening phrase of “Get Your Own” as in “Get Your Own Security System.”


The emotional voltage of “security system” is a lot stronger than that of a simple “alarm” and having “your own” security system” is a much better sales pitch than simply having an alarm installed.


Add to that the other differences listed plus the Best Practice use of “Official Site” in the headline, and it’s no wonder the winning ad boosted Click-Through Rates by 21%


So take a Tip From The Boosters: explore those shades of meaning in your copy and test them. You’ll be glad you did.