On the face of it, slogans would seem to be a good source of copy for PPC Ads — ideally, slogans deliver a solid does of Unique Selling Proposition in a short, catchy, and memorable phrase.


But it almost never works out that way. People familiar with the product don’t need the slogan; they need more information about the PPC Ads offer. And those unfamiliar with the product or company won’t be persuaded by the slogan; they need greater clarity around the product or store offerings and advantages.


This contest is a perfect example of that:


“Live Life Green” is pure slogan language, as is the longer phrase “Live Well – Live Life Green.” So what happens when you change the slogan to add greater clarity to the central selling proposition of the online store? What happens when you make just one change to “Live Well With All Green Products”?


You just about double response, boosting Click-Through Rates by 90%!


So no matter how much you like your slogan, no matter how catchy it is, beware of using it in your PPC Ads. And at the very least, test it against some non-slogan ads.