OK, go ahead and pick the winning ad:


ppc ad copy tips

Now, the real winner was Ad A and for three primary reasons:


  1. It used the word “Unique” in the headline
  2. It used the phrase “Today Only!” and “New Items Added Daily” in the body copy
  3. The losing ad used “Join Now For Free” in its body copy


so let me explain.


First, Unique Designer Furniture is much more attractive than simply “Designer Furniture” because people searching for special furniture want it to be rare as well as special. And unique furniture promises to be both special and rare better than just “designer” furniture.


Second, “Today Only” forces a reaction. You can’t wait because this furniture could get bought up at any moment. Plus, not only is it unique, it’s so unique that there’s only one of them in stock and it’ll get sold out from under you if you don’t by it.” An effect that is further enhanced by the phrase “New Items Added Daily.”


Finally, the losing ad has none of these features, and to make matters worse for itself, it also implies that the searcher will have to “join” some club in order to get the shopping deals. Plus, you may join this club for free, but that indicates that there will be a fee in the not to distant, post-joining future, right? And that thought is, well, off putting, to say the least.


Add it all up, and you have PPC Ad copy that managed to increase click-through-rates two and a half times — or 149%. And that makes this contest a win of the week.