Before we discuss anything, first guess which of these two ads outperformed the other:

Which did you pick: ad A or Ad B?

Well, if you picked Ad A, you were right, as it boosted CTR by a whopping 190%! So what’s the secret?

Two Reasons:

  1. Ad A gave the reader specific, imaginable functions and benefits (“Track Mentions, RT’s & More”), while Ad B stuck with generalities (“Find Out [How Your Twitter is Performing] & Improve w/ [Brand]”), and
  2. Ad A Featured a strong Call-to-Action that included the offer of a 30-Day Free Trial, while Ad B had no CTA or Free-Trial Offer to speak of.

Why Free Trials Don’t Boost CTR As Much as You Might Think

Now, it’s tempting to place all of the credit for the improved CTR on the Free Trial and Call-to-Action, but testing experience tells me that’s a mistake. Here’s why…

Free Trials boost CONVERSIONS, but often-times don’t boost Click-Throughs as much as you might think, because no one is interested in a free trial until they’re first at least moderately sure that the product offers what they want in the first place. And that’s because free trials aren’t free. They may not cost money, but the expense comes in the potential for wasted time, frustration, and opportunity costs that come with downloading and trying the wrong software/product/etc.

Why Imaginable Specifics Beat Out Generalities

So if the free trial and CTA aren’t the major driver, then that leaves the specifics vs. the generalities. And this also concords with testing experience. Why? Because the right specifics are imaginable and emotional, and often already in the minds of prospects in the first place.

If you’re searching for twitter analytics, chances are you already have some idea of what you’d like to track — that’s probably why you’re interested in getting analytics in the first place. And since the most easily identified metrics for tracking are mentions and re-tweets (aka RTs), it makes sense to mention this ability in the PPC Ad copy. Why? Because it identifies your product as the one likely to meet the searcher’s needs. And that’s what boosts CTR.

Of course, having the free trial info on there also helps and is likely to improve post-click conversion, so… DOUBLE WIN! And that’s why this contest is a featured Win of The Week.